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Education | At Home Learning - 9th - 12th - March 29

Week of March 29

Monday, March 29

12:00pm Swimming in Auschwitz 

Six Jewish women who survived the Holocaust - Eva Beckmann, Erika Jacoby, Rena Drexler, Lili Majzner, Renee Firestone and Linda Sherman - share testimony of their time in Auschwitz. Demonstrating the Nazis' failure to dehumanize and crush the will of Jewish prisoners, the women's stories reveal the power of laughter and community, even in the face of evil. 

Program is not available online, but you can find more information and a preview here: 

1:00pm My Survivor 

Who will tell the story of the Holocaust when the last survivor is gone? This program documents the life-changing experiences of some of the 500 University of Miami students who forge intimate relationships with Holocaust survivors through an innovative internship program. Building powerful intergenerational bonds, students listen to survivors' first-hand accounts and come to embrace their cause to preserve the memory and lessons of the Holocaust. 

Program is not available online, but you watch a preview here: 

Tuesday, March 30

12:00pm EVA: A-7063 

EVA: A-7063 is the incredible true story of an Auschwitz survivor's journey to forgiveness and healing. At the age of 10, Eva Mozes Kor fought to stay alive inside the concentration camp where she and her sister Miriam were being experimented on as one of "Mengele's twins." After decades of torment and pain following her liberation, she came to the epiphany that she needed to forgive the Nazis to move forward with her life. She has since emerged as arguably the best-known and most-active Holocaust survivor in the world. Despite her body failing her, the 4-foot-9, 83-year-old, who lives in Terre Haute, Indiana, circles the globe delivering her messages of healing and self-empowerment. Her lessons go far beyond her own experience, addressing current global atrocities and two of the biggest problems facing today's youth - bullying and discrimination. 

Watch the show here: (Passport Required) 

1:30pm Call to Remember 

David Schaecter takes viewers on an emotional journey through his life story - from a bucolic childhood amidst vineyards in Czechoslovakia to his and his brother Jakob's struggle for survival in Auschwitz, and finally, to David's dramatic escape from the Nazis. David, the only member of his family to survive the Holocaust, would eventually immigrate to the United States and help found the Holocaust Memorial 

Miami Beach in the hopes of educating a younger generation about World War II and the Holocaust. Through David's story, viewers witness the cruelty of intolerance, but also the power and will of the human spirit. 

Watch the show here: 

Wednesday, March 31

12:00pm Silent Sacrifice – Stories of Japanese American Incarceration 

This program shares the experiences of Japanese Americans who were living in the San Joaquin Valley prior to Executive Order 9066. Interviewees discuss what drew them to the area, the businesses and farms their families established, and both the discrimination many faced in their adopted land as well as the friendships they formed. They then reveal the shock and confusion felt in the immediate aftermath of Pearl Harbor and the tragic and disorienting uprooting of lives as families were forced to abandon their homes and move into temporary assembly centers before being sent to permanent internment camps. 

Watch the show here: 

Thursday, April 1

12:00pm American Experience: The Eugenics Crusade 

Learn the story of the unlikely -- and largely unknown -- campaign to breed a "better" American race, tracing the rise of the movement that turned the fledgling science of heredity into a powerful instrument of social control. 

Watch the show here: (Passport Required) 

Friday, April 2

12:00pm American Experience: McCarthy 

Explore the rise and fall of the notorious senator who led a Cold War crusade against Communists. His zealous campaign to root out those he viewed as enemies of the state would test the limits of American decency and democracy. 

Watch the show here: (Passport Required)