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Common Q&A

Q: Where is this livestream available to watch? I'd like to watch on my phone or on my TV. 

A: This livestream is available to watch in many places. On iOS/Android, you can download the KVCR app or the PBS app. Additionally, the PBS app is available on Roku, Samsung Smart TV's, Apple TV, Android TV, Amazon Fire TV, and on Chromecast!

Q: I'm outside of your broadcast area. Can I still watch the stream? 

A: Unfortunately, this stream is only available to those within our broadcast area. Otherwise, you will receive an error message when playing the stream. If you are in the broadcast area and cannot view the stream, please contact us with your ZIP code and any technical information you can give us, so we can look into the issue.

Q: I missed a show. Can I watch it online? 

A: Many shows are available online to watch after they air. Go to and search for the show. 

Q: I've been hearing a lot about Passport. What is it, and where can I get more information? 

A: KVCR | Passport is an added benefit for valued donors of public television. Passport allows for extended access to many of your favorite PBS shows. More information about passport is available at and