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Education | At Home Learning - 4th - 5th Grade Week of October 5th

Week of October 5th

Monday, October 5

10:00am Xavier Riddle and the Secret Museum “I am Cesar Chavez / I am Dolores Heurta”

Cesar Chavez helps Xavier, Yadina and Brad find the inspiration to tackle a big mess in the playroom.

10:30am Sci Girls “Terrific Pacific”

Anchors aweigh! Junior lifeguard Chloe and her friends set sail on a SoCal citizen science cruise, working with marine scientists to collect data on the health of the Pacific Ocean and create a splashy conservation video for beach visitors.

Tuesday, October 6

10:00am Xavier Riddle and the Secret Museum “I am Confucius / I am Sacagawea”

Xavier and Yadina overcome a sibling spat with the help of Confucius. Sacagawea helps Xavier and Brad realize that just because Yadina is younger, she can do more than they think.

10:30am Sci Girls “Baile Digital / Digital Dance (Click Here For Supplemental Materials)

The SciGirls put together all the parts of their program and test their Sphero and Arduino code with the dances in a dress rehearsal. The girls find some problems with their program that need to be debugged and work together to make sure everything is ready for the final performance.

Wednesday, October 7

10:00am Xavier Riddle and the Secret Museum “I am Mary Anning / I am Charlie Chaplin”

Mary Anning inspires Xavier and Yadina to continue working on a tricky art project.

Charlie Chaplin helps Yadina cheer up Dr. Zoom.

10:30am Sci Girls “Gallinas de Ciudad / City Chicken (Click Here for Supplemental Materials)

The SciGirls hatch a plan! Alexis and her friends design and build a chicken coop for an urban farm in Denver, Colorado by recycling a donated structure into a new home where the birds can thrive.

Thursday, October 8

10:00am Xavier Riddle and the Secret Museum “I am Billie Jean King / I am Arthur Ashe”

10:30am Sci Girls “Escuadron Especial / Space Squad (Click Here for Supplemental Materials)

Texas SciGirls Katya, Mariana, Angela and Eloyda are over the moon! Teaming up with NASA materials engineers, they create their own water bottle insulators, bringing space science to life on Earth.

Friday, October 9

10:00am Xavier Riddle and the Secret Museum “I am Rosa Parks / I am Thurgood Marshall”

10:30am Sci Girls “Atletas Maravillosos / Awesome Athletes (Click Here for Supplemental Materials)

The SciGirls in San Diego go for the gold! Clarissa and her sporty pals get inspired by Olympic athletes. They team up with a sports medicine physician and create a fitness boot camp to promote community health.

Week of October 5th

Please Note:

Only Sci-Girls has supplemental materials.

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