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Education | At Home Learning - 4th - 5th Grade - Week of October 19th

Week of October 19th

Monday, October 19

10:00am Xavier Riddle and the Secret Museum “I am Rosa Parks / I am Thurgood Marshall”

10:30am Sci Girls “Cartoon Coders” (Click here for Supplemental Materials)

Fueled by their passion for technology and social justice, Kanah, Margaret and Eh Lay create a computer animation that urges kids to take action in their own communities.

Tuesday, October 20

10:00am Xavier Riddle and the Secret Museum “I am Issac Newton (Click here for Supplemental Materials) / I am Golda Meir”

Xavier tries mini golf for the first time, and things don't exactly go as planned. No matter how hard and fast he swings, the ball never goes in the hole... To the Secret Museum! Our trio are sent back in time to meet an expert in the laws of motion: Sir Isaac Newton. Isaac is in the middle of his own problem, trying to figure out how he can out jump boys who are clearly bigger than him. Instead of attacking the problem hard and fast, Xavier style, Isaac takes a much calmer approach with the use of a thinking tree and a thinking kite. When he finally solves his problem and wins the long jump competition, Xavier realizes how much better it is to slow down and think through problems.

When Yadina finds turtles crossing the bike path in the park, she becomes very worried about them - what if they get hit by a bike? Or a trike? She wants to help them stay safe, but what can she do? This problem seems way too big for her. To the Secret Museum! Our heroes go back in time to meet an expert problem solver: Golda Meir. They find Golda in the midst of a big problem herself: a bunch of the kids at her school don't have access to the books they need! This is another toughie. But Golda, undaunted, comes up with the idea to hold a community fundraiser to get money for the books, showing Yadina that she should tell people when there's a problem so you can solve it together.

10:30am Sci Girls “Code Concert” (Click here for Supplemental Materials)

Britanee, Estrella and Saabirlinn collaborate with singers on a concert for deaf and hearing audiences. They code software that “paints with music” creating a stunning visual display of a live vocal performance.

Wednesday, October 21

10:00am Xavier Riddle and the Secret Museum “I am Harriet Tubman”

Xavier, Yadina and Brad learn about courage and bravery when they meet Harriet Tubman, a woman who escapes slavery and risks her life to help others do the same.

10:30am Sci Girls “Aquabots” (Click here for Supplemental Materials)

Akina and friends dive into underwater robotics at the U.S. Naval Academy, building a "Sea Perch" ROV to investigate artificial oyster reefs in the Chesapeake Bay.

Thursday, October 22

10:00am Xavier Riddle and the Secret Museum “I am Rosa Parks / I am Thurgood Marshall”

10:30am Sci Girls “Mother Nature’s Shoes” (Click here for Supplemental Materials)

Nature's designs, from polar bear paws to penguin flippers, inspire Elin and her best friends to design a safer shoe for walking on Minnesota's icy winter streets.

Friday, October 23

10:00am Xavier Riddle and the Secret Museum “I am Catherine the Great (Click here for Supplemental Materials) / I am Tomioka Tessai”

Brad shows up ready for day camp with a pep in his step and a smile on his face, until he finds out that he's going without Xavier or Yadina. Uh oh. Brad can't possibly go without his best friends! Who will he play with? Xavier and Yadina are sure Brad will make new friends at camp, but Brad isn't so sure - he doesn't know how. To the Secret Museum! Our heroes go back in time to meet someone who made all kids of Friday, October 23friends: Catherine the Great.Xavier and Yadina overcome a sibling spat with the help of Confucius. Sacagawea helps Xavier and Brad realize that just because Yadina is younger, she can do more than they think.

10:30am Sci Girls “Habitat Havoc” (Click here for Supplemental Materials)

Budding naturalist Lea and her SciGirls pals investigate what the non-native Canary Island Palm does to San Diego habitats, comparing the palms to native trees. and her friends design and code wildlife cameras to capture images of the animals in their neighborhood.

Week of October 19th

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