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Education | At Home Learning - 4th - 5th Grade Week of November 9

Week of November 9

Monday, November 9

10:00am Xavier Riddle and the Secret Museum “I am Rosa Parks / I am Thurgood Marshall”

Xavier, Yadina and Brad learn a lesson about treating everyone equally when they meet Rosa Parks.

Thurgood Marshall shows Xavier how to be fair with everyone when it comes to a big piece of pie.

10:30am Sci Girls “Butterfly Diaries” (Click here for Supplemental Materials)

Mimi and her friends explore a Minnesota milkweed patch, counting monarchs to help scientists track the butterfly population. These SciGirls then raise monarch caterpillars, and use a video diary to capture their metamorphosis into butterflies.

Tuesday, November 10

10:00am Xavier Riddle and the Secret Museum “I am Leonardo Da Vinci / I am Amelia Earhart” (Click here for Supplemental Materials)

Xavier gets caught in a tailspin when he can't decide which after-school activity to sign up for. Basketball? Dance? Robotics? It all sound’s fun, how can he possibly pick just one? To the Secret Museum! Our heroes are sent back in time to meet the ultimate renaissance man: Leonardo da Vinci. During their playdate, we discover that Leonardo is interested in a lot of different things, too - just like Xavier! And he wouldn't have it any other way. What he learns doing one thing helps him with another! He helps Xavier to see that it's okay to try many different activities.

There's a bike rodeo coming up and Brad can't wait to sign up, until he realizes that the course isn't training-wheel friendly. Uh oh. Brad can't possibly ride his bike without training wheels, can he? To the Secret Museum! Xavier takes his pal back in time to meet someone who never backed down from a challenge: Amelia Earhart. Watching Amelia boldly chase her dream of soaring through the clouds as the first woman to cross the Atlantic Ocean solo convinces Brad that when there's something you really want to do, even if it seems impossible, you just have to go for it.

10:30am Sci Girls “Feathered Friends” (Click here for Supplemental Materials)

Regina, Schuyler and Anayia hit the streets of Denver to investigate what makes a good urban bird habitat, and transform a city school garden into a welcoming home for any flock of feathered friends.

Wednesday, November 11

10:00am Xavier Riddle and the Secret Museum “I am Billie Jean King / I am Arthur Ashe”

Billie Jean King encourages Brad to take his first ballet class, even though he is worried about being the only boy in the class.

Arthur Ashe helps Xavier, Yadina and Brad see why they were wrong to exclude a new student at school from their game.

10:30am Sci Girls “Terrific Pacific”

Anchors aweigh! Junior lifeguard Chloe and her friends set sail on a SoCal citizen science cruise, working with marine scientists to collect data on the health of the Pacific Ocean and create a splashy conservation video for beach visitors.

Thursday, November 12

10:00am Xavier Riddle and the Secret Museum “I am Zora Neale Hurston / I am Charles Dickens” (Click here for Supplemental Materials)

I Xavier and Yadina are eager to read a new comic Brad has written, but Brad isn't so sure he can share this particular story - it's very personal. What should he do? To the Secret Museum! Our heroes are sent back in time to meet an exceptional storyteller: Zora Neale Hurston. We meet Zora as she enjoys listening to the tall tales being told on the porch of her corner store, before launching into a few tales of her own. Listening to Zora tell her own personal stories, and watching her light up as she does, helps Brad to feel more comfortable with the idea of sharing his own story with his best friends. Because stories are best when you share them with others.

Yadina is left feeling bored on a rainy day after she's already played with ALL her toys - there's nothing left to have fun with. With no new toys to play with, there's only one thing left to do... To the Secret Museum! Our heroes are sent back in time to meet someone who was seldom bored: Charles Dickens. After a playdate with a young Charles, which involves zero toys but oodles of fun as they jump over "shark infested waters" and swim with a funny octopus named Fanny, Yadina realizes that she doesn't need anything new to play with, because her imagination can make everything more fun.

10:30am Sci Girls “Baile Digital / Digital Dance” (Click here for Supplemental Materials)

This series showcases bright, curious real girls putting science and engineering to work as they answer questions and make unexpected discoveries in the world around them. In this episode SciGirls in Queens, New York unite to create a hightech dance show. Marillin, Nazaret, Sheira and Marielly code robotics and light up dance costumes, and perform for their families and community.

Friday, November 13

10:00am Xavier Riddle and the Secret Museum “I am Mary Anning / I am Charlie Chaplin”

Mary Anning inspires Xavier and Yadina to continue working on a tricky art project.

Charlie Chaplin helps Yadina cheer up Dr. Zoom.

10:30am Sci Girls “Gallinas de Ciudad / City Chicken” (Click here for Supplemental Materials)

The SciGirls hatch a plan! Alexis and her friends design and build a chicken coop for an urban farm in Denver, Colorado by recycling a donated structure into a new home where the birds can thrive.