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Education | At Home Learning - 4th - 5th Grade Week of February 15

Week of February 15

Monday, February 15

10:00am Xavier Riddle and the Secret Museum “I am Theodore Roosevelt / I am Eleanor Roosevelt” (Click here for Supplemental Materials)

Brad does not like creepy crawly things and has marked the entire playground as a no-go zone! The Secret Museum sends him, Xavier and Yadina to meet Theodore Roosevelt who helps them learn that creepy crawly things need space to live too.

Eleanor Roosevelt helps Xavier learn to take every chance he has to help others when he gets assigned to the most boring job in the museum – mop hander outer.

10:30am Sci Girls “Flower Power” (Click here for Supplemental Materials)

This series showcases bright, curious real girls putting science and engineering to work as they answer questions and make unexpected discoveries in the world around them. In this episode: SciGirls spring into action! Minnesota sixth-grader Jordan gathers her girls to track changes in flowers and plants as spring emerges, and celebrates by creating a sculpture and a time-lapse video of the season's arrival.

Tuesday, February 16

10:00am Xavier Riddle and the Secret Museum “I am Catherine the Great / I am Tomioka Tessai”

Brad shows up ready for day camp with a pep in his step and a smile on his face, until he finds out that he's going without Xavier or Yadina. Uh oh. Brad can't possibly go without his best friends! Who will he play with? Xavier and Yadina are sure Brad will make new friends at camp, but Brad isn't so sure - he doesn't know how. To the Secret Museum! Our heroes go back in time to meet someone who made all kids of friends: Catherine the Great. They find Catherine wandering outside her castle walls, simply so she can make some new friends to play with. Watching Catherine meet new kids, and ask them questions about themselves, shows Brad that getting to know people is a great way to make friends.

10:30am Sci Girls “SkyGirls” (Click here for Supplemental Materials)

Virginia SciGirls Emma, Lauren and Madison have the ultimate "stratus update!" Teaming up with NASA scientists, they identify clouds from the ground and compare their data with satellite images, ultimately creating a "mostly cloudy" museum display.

Wednesday, February 17

10:00am Xavier Riddle and the Secret Museum “I am Wilma Rudolph / I am Jonas Salk”

Not being very good with athletics, Xavier decides not to participate in a competition. Together with Yadina and Brad he meets the fastest woman in the world: Wilma Randolph.

Brad, Yadina and Xavier meet Jonas Salk, the scientist who discovered the polio vaccine. Thanks to him, the trio learn a great lesson.

10:30am SciGirls “Butterfly Diaries” (Click here for Supplemental Materials)

Mimi and her friends explore a Minnesota milkweed patch, counting monarchs to help scientists track the butterfly population. These SciGirls then raise monarch caterpillars, and use a video diary to capture their metamorphosis into butterflies.

Thursday, February 18

10:00am Xavier Riddle and the Secret Museum “I am Rosa Parks / I am Thurgood Marshall”

Xavier, Yadina and Brad learn a lesson about treating everyone equally when they meet Rosa Parks.

Thurgood Marshall shows Xavier how to be fair with everyone when it comes to a big piece of pie.

Friday, February 19

10:00am Xavier Riddle and the Secret Museum “I am Jesse Owens / I am Ella Fitzgerald”

Jesse Owens encourages Brad after he becomes frustrated with bowling. The gang is going to a dance party and Brad is too embarrassed to show off his dance moves, so Ella Fitzgerald helps Brad to not be embarrassed to dance.

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