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Passport F.A.Q's


Getting Setup

Passport is available for users on FireTV. 

  • Open the PBS app on your FireTV.
  • Select "KVCR" as your station.
  • Go to any passport video.
  • You will be prompted to donate.
  • Enter your information, and immediately after you will be granted passport access.


Frequently asked Questions about FireTV

Q: I no longer wish to have passport. How do I cancel? 

A: If you signed up for passport through FireTV, we do not have the ability as a station to cancel it. To cancel, head to and sign in with your amazon account. Click on "Merchant Agreements" and find the payment you made for passport, and click "Cancel". If you signed up elsewhere and would like to cancel, please contact us at or via phone at 909-384-4350. 

General Questions

Q: On what devices can I watch passport content? 

A: You can watch passport content on a lot of different devices. The most popular choices are iOS and Android -  We also have our own app called the "KVCR" app on Android and iOS. However, the PBS app is broadly available and is a great option as well. Below is where the PBS app is available.