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The Institute of Media Arts (IMA) is affiliated with San Bernardino Valley College’s Film, TV, Media (FTVM) program. IMA allows for students to partake in guided pathways curriculum throughout the division of Arts and Humanities. The IMA offers dynamic constantly-evolving methods of education, promotion and advocacy. The IMA partners with our local high schools to jump start those students' career pathways into media arts. Through our effort’s students involved in the Institute can access internship opportunities with various media companies in the region, such as KVCR and FNX Network. These internships are designed to help our students develop professional level portfolios to support career development or further education at 4-year institutions. Because of our commitment to innovative curriculum, engaging practicum, and a hub for exposition the media academy is a destination training ground for our students.

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On November 6-8 2020, students were asked to make a film in 48 hours - 2 days - one weekend. Here’s the catch - they didn't know the genre of their film until right before the clock started ticking.

Dark Comedy

3 Days, 2 Nights

A young magician is faced with a huge decision that jeopardizes his dreams and relationships.


3 of a Kind

Bad things come in threes.

film de femme


After the tragic death of her fiancé, a woman must find the strength to face her fears.

Superhero, Film Noir

Detective Cuthrew

To us this is a normal world, but for Detective Cuthrew this is his own madness, and with a case so strange you'll see that madness can only take a man so far.

thriller, suspense

Fatal Illusion

Never trust a magician!

film de femme, vacation / holiday

Keeping Magic

Magic and travel don't mix -- or do they?


Modern Family 2020

Sometimes, even in 2020, things work out ok.

horror, climate

One Night Last Year

Once you find the truth. it's always never what you expect it to be till the end.

buddy film, mUSICAL

One Night Scam

I want to say yes but no.


UFC - Ultimate Food Challenge

Time travel can be dangerous when getting ingredients from another era.


Wait For It

You'll have to wait for it.


Wanna See a Trick?

Not all magic is good.