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KVCR Strategic Vision
  • Cultivate discovery and engagement in the Arts, Media and the Sciences through traditional Television and Radio broadcasting along with advancing Digital distribution methods.
  • Create educational, thought-provoking and inspirational programs and news that offers our audience a trustworthy safe-haven from commercially driven media outlets.
  • Develop and nourish strong community relationships through local initiatives and events that celebrate the diversity, innovation and resilience of the Inland Empire.
  • Dedicate the Empire Network as a creative incubator and broadcasting platform for the SBVC and CHC Media Academies.
  • Promote economic development and workforce growth through aligning the Empire Network’s media capacity with the EDCT’s training programs and strategic partnerships.
  • Maximize the opportunities offered by the next generation of Broadcasting technology, ATSC 3.0, to create potential revenue streams from the lease of newly created digital sub-channels as well as shaping a more immersive educational experience for our audience.
  • Build a Media Laboratory in local high schools in San Bernardino County that provides media literacy and digital skills training while creating pathways to SBVC and CHC for further instruction.
  • Provide a comprehensive regional presence for advance warning systems in times of emergency.