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Episode 2

I Remember Television Presents: Doctor Who The Daleks

Airdate: Sunday February 16th @ 7pm, repeats Saturday February 22nd @ 6pm

After the TARDIS crashlands in the radioactive forests of Skaro, the Doctor and his companions stir up trouble between the planet’s two ancient indigenous races -- the beautiful Thals and mutated Daleks. Meanwhile, Adam Ferry recovers from his “death” in the previous episode by “regenerating” into special guest BOB MITSCH -- dressed as Doctor number one -- to discuss the first appearance of the villainous Daleks… only to die once more and be violently replaced by Bob-as-Davros, the creator of the Daleks.

Special Guest Bob Mitsch

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Episode 1

I Remember Television Presents: Doctor Who An Unearthly Child

Airdate: Sunday Feburary 9th @ 7pm, repeats Saturday February 15th @ 6pm

Host Jessica Greenwell and superfan ADAM FERRY, dressed as the 13th Doctor, screen the very first episode of Doctor Who, taking occasional breaks to banter about how the show has changed since 1963.

Special Guest Adam Joseph Ferry

Adam is an aspiring voice actor living in Orange County, narrating a couple of audiobooks you can find on audible. Along with cosplay, He also has fun performing nerdy sketch comedy with The Idiot's Lantern at conventions and other events. Whether it be Shakespeare or Lebute, Adam has been performing on stage for over 15 years. Lately you can find him playing video games or Tabletop RPG's on Twitch with or Listen to him on the Dice Fiends Podcast.

Instagram: @damjerry

Twitter: @damjerry

Check out Adam's RPG stream every thursday at 4:30pm pacific time at geek unleashed on

Check out Adam's Dice Fiends Podcast Live Play RPG. New episodes every other week