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Education | At Home Learning - 6th - 8th Grade - Week of Jan 4

Week of January 4

Monday, January 4

11:00am Climate Change – The Facts

Scientists explore the impact of climate change and what could happen if global warming exceeds 1.5 degrees. Discover how the latest innovations and technology are posing potential solutions and what individuals can do to prevent further damage.

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Tuesday, January 5

11:00am Nova “Deadliest Tornadoes”

In April 2011, the worst tornado outbreak in decades left a trail of destruction across the U.S., killing more than 340 people. Why was there such an extreme outbreak? How do such outbreaks form? With modern warning systems why did so many die? Is our weather getting more extreme -- and if so how bad will it get? This episode looks at the science behind the April outbreak, meeting those affected and the scientists trying to predict tornadoes and understand whether this outbreak relates to global climate change.

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Wednesday, January 6

11:00am Nova “Lethal Seas” (Click here for Supplemental Materials)

A deadly recipe threatens the survival of countless creatures throughout Earth's oceans. We've known for years that oceans absorb about a quarter of the carbon dioxide in our atmosphere. With carbon emissions sharply rising, the silent killer is entering the seas at a staggering rate - raising the oceans' acidity. As a result, the skeletons and shells of marine creatures that form the foundation of the web of life are dissolving. Follow scientists who are seeking solutions and making breakthrough discoveries, including a unique coral garden in Papua New Guinea that offers a glimpse of what the seas could be like in a half-century. Can experts crack the code of a rapidly changing ocean - before it's too late?

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Thursday, January 7

11:00am Ozone Hole: How We Saved the Planet

Decades ago, people were introduced to the ozone layer and found out certain pollutants were harming this critical part of the atmosphere and causing the layer to thin. In the mid 1980s scientists had found an actual hole in the ozone layer down in Antarctica. Discover the forgotten story of how the world came together to fix it. Hear from the scientists and politicians who persuaded Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher to take action and solve the planetary problem.

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Friday, January 8

10:30am POV “Inventing Tomorrow”

You think young people can’t find a solution for saving the Earth? Think again! In preparation for the world's largest convening of high school scientists, teenage innovators from around the globe create cutting-edge solutions to confront environmental threats while navigating the doubts and insecurities of adolescence. Show is not available online but several clips can be seen here: